Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Vestibular Disease 耳水不平衡

If you see this in your dog, go to the vet right away as Stroke, Cancer and Vestibular Diseases can have the same symptoms. 如果你的狗有相同的症狀,馬上去獸醫因 中風,癌症 和 耳水不平衡 有同一病症.

The above dog has the peripheral form of Vesticular Disease.  If your dog has Vestibular Disease, you need to know the causes in order to treat it accordingly. 以上的狗有耳水不平衡. 如果你的狗有耳水不平衡,你及獸醫需要知道的原因,以便對其進行相應的處理。

You can only treat your dog properly if you know the causes of it. 

  • Genetic (usually happen between: birth and three months of age.)
  • Old Age
  • Ear Infection (Long term and chronic infection)
  • Thyroid disease (usually underactive thyroid)
  • Trauma to the ears or heads
  • Medication


  • 遺傳 (通常會發生出生至3個月之間.
  • 高齡
  • 耳部感染(長期和慢性感染
  • 狀腺疾病(低甲狀腺功能)
  • 朵或頭部受
  • 引至

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