Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Stress and Thyroid Health 壓力與甲狀腺健康

We all know, stress is damaging to our health.

And, just like us, our dogs body has magical coping power.  When they are in dangerous and stressful situations, their gland would release cortisol, which is also called the "stress hormone". This release of cortisol gives them the additional energy needed to run away from dangerous situations or confront the situation.

However, if your dogs are constantly highly stressful, constant high cortisol would be released to deal with chronic stress.  However, constant high level of cortisol could end up suppressing gland and resulted in thyroid disorder.

Therefore, it is important to help your dogs to stay calm and it is important to help your dogs to deal with stress caused by fear, separation anxiety, and traveling, etc

And there are many ways that you can help them, giving them regular exercise and play time, giving them favor toys and treats, using flower essences to modify undesirable behavior such as separation anxiety.

像我們人一樣我們的狗身體有神奇的應對能力. 當他們在危險和緊張的情況下他們的腺體 (gland)會釋放皮質醇. 皮質醇也被稱為壓力荷爾蒙”. 這釋放皮質醇讓他們有額外的能量逃離或危險的情況.

但是,如果你的狗是長期非常緊張, 身體會持 續的釋放高皮質醇. 然而持續的高皮質醇水平 可能會最終抑制腺體,導致甲狀腺疾病。

因此,重要的是幫助你的狗要保持冷靜及幫助你的狗處理恐懼造成的壓力, 分離焦慮, 旅遊造成的壓力, 等等.


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