Monday, October 29, 2012

Dogs are not vegetarian 狗不應是吃素的

Vegetarian diets for dogs are gaining popularity, unfortunately.  Dogs are not meant to be vegetarian, from their teeth (sharp teeth), stomach acid (PH 1-2; human is PH-5), their digestive tract (short), dogs are not designed to be a vegetarian.  Dogs might be able to survive with vegetarian diet with proper supplement support but it is not optimal.   Again, NRC Recommended 0% of carbohydrates.

很遺憾素食越來越受狗主歡迎. 狗不是素食者,從他們的牙齒(鋒利的)胃酸(PH值1-2; 人胃PH啲PH值係5), 其消化道(短),狗跟本不是設計成素食者.  狗可能能夠生存於素食飲食如有適當的補充品支持,但不是最佳的.  再次,NRC推薦0%的碳水化合物

A recent study show some problems with vegetarian diets:

  • Protein intake was inadequate for more than half of the dogs
  • Calcium requirements were not met in 62% of the dog’s diet
  • Phosphorus requirements were not met in approximately half of the dog
  • 73% of the dogs had an insufficient intake of sodium
  • A high number of blood samples taken showed insufficient amounts of iron, copper, zinc, iodine and vitamin D
  • 56% of the dogs were not getting enough vitamin B12

Reference: Raw & Natural Nutrition for Dogs
  • 一半以上的狗蛋白質攝入量不
  • 62%的狗的飲食鈣的量不

  • 超過一半以上的狗末能達到磷的要求

  • 73%的狗鈉攝入不足

  • 有大量血液樣本顯示鐵,銅,鋅,碘和維生素D量不足

  • 56%的狗沒有得到足夠的維生素B12

However, some stories have shown that dogs with urate urolithiasis, vegetarian diet can help controls it but it it is definitely not for every dogs.   然而,狗尿有尿酸尿路結石,素食可以幫助控制病情但絕對不適合一般的狗。

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