Thursday, September 27, 2012

Enemy Retreat - Tick 殺退敵人- 牛蜱


 大家都知道我d寶貝成日通處爛,肥So同米妮都中過牛蜱熱,呢段日子我都試好多預防牛蜱埋身用品。用左呢 "不再痛按摩草本洗髮水"沐浴露約2個月,未用之前都會係佢地身上捉到牛蜱,持續用左一段時間,覺得效果好好,已再冇發現敵人出現,大家不防試試,呢樽野有好強香草味,可能牛蜱好怕聞到!" ~ Yan Yan, 香港

"Enemy Retreat - Tick

We all know that Ah-B always have skin problems, and SoSo and Minnie both had cattle tick feverI have tried a lot of tick prevention products to prevent tick from getting close to my pack.  I used to find ticks on them from time to time but after using the Sore No More Massage Shampoo for 2 months now,  the result is very good, I no longer find tick on their bodies.  I recommend every body to try.  This shampoo has very good herb fragrance, tick might be afraid of. " ~ Yan Yan, Hong Kong

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