Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I am pleased with CoatPlus 我很滿意美毛+(CoatPlus)

… Both Teutul and Sophie suffer from seasonal allergies and I was in the market for the right Omega-3 fatty acid supplement.  Sophie had actually just been to the vet for an ear infection and was sent home with instructions to add a fatty acid supplement to her diet.  The bottle of Coat Plus Large Breed couldn't have arrived at a more perfect time!

I have been giving CoatPlus to Sophie for about a month now and have indeed seen an improvement in her skin and coat!  She is getting the recommended dosage (1 capsule per day of the Large Breed formula) with her dinner, although I think she would eat the capsule all by itself thanks to the apparently yummy beef flavoring.  Unlike some fatty acid supplements that have a distinct fishy smell, CoatPlus has no unpleasant odors.  Additionally, CoatPlus provides her not only with the Omega-3 fatty acids she needs, but a dose of Vitamin E as well. 

I am more than pleased with CoatPlus and will be keeping Sophie on it going forward. …
... Teutul Sophie都有季節性過敏, 我正在尋合適的Omega-3脂肪酸補充品.  Sophie 耳部感染, 他的獸醫指示我們要添加脂肪酸的補充到她的飲食. 一瓶 美毛+ (CoatPlus)大型犬在最適當的時間到達!


我已經給 一瓶 美毛+ (CoatPlus) Sophie大約一個月 了.  現在我們確實看到了她的皮膚和毛髮的改 善了! 跟據指引我每天加1膠囊到他的晚餐內, 雖然我知道她會整個膠囊食因有美味的牛肉味. 不像一些脂肪酸補充劑,一瓶 美毛+ (CoatPlus) 沒有難聞的腥味. 此外 一瓶 美毛+ (CoatPlus) 不僅她所需要的Omega-3脂肪酸,也加補維生素E.


我很滿意 一瓶 美毛+ (CoatPlus) 的效果, 我會 keep 住比 Sophie ...

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