Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cross Fiber Grooming / 交叉纖維梳毛

Daily grooming is important for your dog's health.  Incorporating cross fiber grooming to your dog's grooming routine as demonstrated by Dr Patricia Bona, a liscenced chiropractor of horses and humans. 
Cross fiber grooming can help keep your dog's muscle healthy and supple to get the best posture.  It is very simple to do. Watch the video to learn more.  Add Sore No More Liniment to your grooming, to help your dog to relax even more.

每天幫你的狗梳毛對健康是非常重要的. 加入交叉纖維梳理由  Dr. Patricia Bona 示範.

跨纖維梳理可以幫助保持您的狗的肌肉健康和柔軟以獲得最佳的姿勢.  加埋 不再痛按摩草本洗髮水 更加幫你的狗放鬆.

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