Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mellow Out helped. 變得和藹 好有幫肋

" .... 使用Mellow Out - 變得和藹幾次後, 我了解到它的作用,  一有跡象風暴即將來, 我就給他Mellow Out - 變得和藹. 我唔會等到開始下雨或大風揚起才用, 尤其是直到嘈雜的雷聲開始.  我一早就給他Mellow Out - 變得和藹.唔等到外面變得更可怕或他開始顫動/ 震.

現在我已經發現了這個治療焦慮的用品, 我把它添加到我的軍火庫. 舒緩的音樂及Mellow Out - 變得和藹.出相結合,實際上是一支偉大的團隊以平息我的犬

最後我想補充最後一個小故事, 我應為是很能有影響力的. Tanner是永遠不會響應雷暴的, 我們有一個天氣報告是非常突然的風暴天氣報告內的警報聲是足以讓 Tanner焦慮. 我決定提供 Tanner Mellow Out - 變得和藹, 他整個風暴喝醉的水手, 睡得很好.  這風暴是很長及很,足以使 Oliver 選擇來我的膝蓋上. 好消息沒有發抖.   Mellow Out - 變得和藹 好有幫肋"

" ... After using the Mellow Out in this way a few times, I've learned that it works best to sooth his mild anxiety when I give him it to him at the first sign of an impending storm. I don't wait till the rain starts or the winds kick up, and especially not until the noisy thunder begins. He gets his Mellow Out-laced treat before things outside get scary and he begins to quiver.

Now that I've discovered this additional treatment for anxiety, I've added it to my arsenal--soothing music combined with Mellow Out actually make for a great team to calm my canine household. 

Finally, I'd like to add one last little tidbit that is very telling. While Tanner is never responsive to thunderstorms, we did have one weather radio report of a sudden and very nasty storm coming recently. Just the siren on that radio is enough to get Oliver worked up. I decided to offer Tanner a treat with his own dose of Mellow Out and sure enough, he snoozed through that storm like a drunken sailor--clueless. It was noisy and long, enough so that Oliver chose to camp out on my lap. But the good news is he wasn't shivering this time. He had his Mellow Out, and I could see it was working."

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