Monday, June 11, 2012

Deworming naturally 天然驅蟲方法

Are you on a chemical deworming program?  Chemical de-worming is fast and super easy to do.  I recommend it for those who do not have time to do it yourself.  However, if you have a time and resources and are concerned about the toxin in chemical dewormer, please consider using the following program:   **If you use chemical dewormer, use probiotics before and after deworming and help your dog detox regularly to avoid accumulation of toxin.

你是用緊化學驅蟲計劃嗎? 我建議對於那些沒有時間自己做的主人用化學驅蟲, 因快速和超容易的.  然而,如果你有時間和資源和憂慮化學驅蟲藥的毒素, 請考慮使用下列程序:  **如果要使用化學驅蟲藥, 使用驅蟲前和後要益生菌和定期要幫助你的狗排毒減低毒素累積.

Natural Ways to Deworm / 天然方法

  • Garlic every day, see link for dosage details below. (too much garlic is BAD)
  • Fresh Pumpkin Seed, freshly grind (with shell); add 1/4 to 1 teaspoon (small to large dog) to each meal or see link below.
  • Give Papaya, the fruit enzyme in Papaya and it can help eaten the outer coating of worm. 
  • Give wheat germ oil, it discourages tape worm.  Use:
    1/4 tsp for 5 lb
    1/2 tsp for 10 lb
    1 tsp for 25 lb
    2 tsp for 50
    1.5 tbsp for 75 lbs
    2 tbsb for 100 lbs
  • Use Black Walnut - Use every other day for 3 weeks, stop for 3 weeks and restart again.  Use 125 mg for 5 to 25 lbs, 250mg for above 25 lbs.  Black walnut hull can be toxic if you give too much, so be careful.
  • Add Diatomaceous Earth to your dog's diet (make sure it is fully mixed in to avoid your dog from breathing the earth in) - Use 1/2 tsp per 10 lbs.
I am not sure where you can get wheat germ oil and black walnut in Hong Kong,  I get mine at iHerb, you can use this code to get discount ZUJ643.

  • 每天餵蒜頭, 劑量細節下面的鏈接.   (太多唔得, 請跟劑量)

  • 新鮮南瓜種子新鮮研磨(連殼);每餐加入1/4至1茶匙(從小大犬)見下面.

  • 木瓜, 在木瓜的水果酵素可以幫助吃走蟲外層.

  • 小麥胚芽油, 阻攔磁帶蠕蟲. 使用1/4茶匙比5磅犬1/2茶匙10磅

  • 黑核桃, 每隔一天用, 3週停3週. 用量:
    5至25磅 - 125毫克

    以上 - 250毫克.
    一定要小心份量, 犬多可能有毒的所以一定要小心.

  • 添加矽藻土到您的狗的飲食(確保矽藻土充分混合到食物避免你的狗吸入) - 使用1/2茶匙,每10 

我不知道香港那裡你可以買到在小麥胚芽油或黑核桃,我在iHerb購買的., 您可以使用此代碼獲得折扣ZUJ643. 

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