Thursday, May 31, 2012

Time to detox 係時候排毒

對於我們這些生活在城市中的, 真的不可能 避免毒素至於您的狗隻, 即使你餵100% 有機自家製飲食避免所有的化學跳蚤用品, 和一切不自然的用品你的狗仍然可以從外面散步而接觸到毒素.

For those of us who live in a city, it is impossible to avoid toxin.  For your dogs, even you feed 100% organic homemade diet, avoid all the chemical flea controls and do everything naturally, your dog can still be exposed to toxin just from walking outside on the side walk. 
Therefore, it is crucial to help your pet detox and here are some signs that you dogs might need detoxing:

  • 你的狗很疲勞 
  • 你的狗有口臭 
  • 你的狗有腹瀉等消化系統問題
  • 你的狗有皮膚問題 
  • 你的狗有牙齦問題,瘡生在咽喉和嘴周圍
最好就任有何跡象之前定期, 進行定期排毒

  • Your dog is fatigue
  • Your dog has bad breath
  • Your dog is having digestive issues such as diarrhea
  • Your dog is having skin problems
  • Your dog is having gum problem, sore in and around the mouth
The best is to conduct detoxification periodically before you see any signs.

  • 你的狗最近要服用藥物
  • 你的狗剛做了手術
  • 你的狗剛剛食過導蟲化學藥物
  • 你的狗剛剛用過化學跳蚤//心蟲控制
Here are the some of things that your dogs have exposed to and lead to the need of detoxing: 
  • Your dog has been given drug lately
  • Your dog just had a surgery
  • Your dog has just been de-wormed chemically 
  • Your dog has just been given chemical fleas/ ticks/ heart-worm controls

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