Thursday, May 3, 2012

Q&A: Upset during thunder and lightning 雷電怕怕


Does your dog have issue with thunder and lightning?  You need to look into an all natural remedy such as Flower Essences.  

We have an 8 year old Cairn Terrier who gets very upset when there is thunder and lightning. Do you have any suggestions on how to calm during these storms?
Question submitted by Eva Garin


我們有一隻8歲的凱恩梗犬. 當有雷電,變得非常沮喪. 你有任何建議,如何令佢在風暴中平靜些


Hello Eva,

I had a Jack Russell Terrier, years ago, who was petrified of thunder storms. I did not know where to turn until I started using a product called "Mellow Out".  Are you familiar with flower essences?  They were developed by a doctor many years ago in England who realized that many illnesses were rooted in emotional upsets.  The "Mellow Out" is a blend of essences to help calm and settle agitated animals.  It worked like a charm on my little girl.  After a few months, I found that I did not even need to use it anymore for that reason.  

I will just suggest that you use it when you hear the weather report, if you can.  It takes 1/2-1 hour to the storm can be long gone if you give it to them as the storm starts. Easiest thing to do is to put it into the water bowl so they can free drink it throughout the day.

Behavior Modification in a Bottle: Flower Essences have historically been used to balance and harmonize any emotional, psychological and spiritual states, these blends have been specifically formulated to deal with issues that large and small animals deal with.  They are easy to administer, safe to use during competition and will not conflict with any other protocols. These blends are "Issue Specific" not animal specific.

Mellow Out Blend Helps to calm the nervous or jittery animals who may be moody or irritable or on edge all the time. For overly anxious and anticipatory animals who tend to lose control easily. Great to use prior to competition, during thunderstorms or firework displays. Never leave home without it.

Looking forward to being of help to you.
Kind regards Stacey


幾年前我也有傑克羅素梗, 他也被雷雨嚇呆. 我不知道怎樣辦直致我開始使用稱為Mellow Out - 變得和藹.  

.“Mellow Out -變得和藹是一個融合的 花精以幫助平息激動 的動物.   

Mellow Out - 變得和藹對我的狗女非常 有效. 幾個月後, 我發現我不再需要使用.

我會建議你使用它當你聽到天氣報告. 治療需要30分鐘至1小時前用.   最簡單的是直 接加入Mellow Out - 變得和藹 到水裹, 等他隨時可以飲.

改善性格在一瓶: 花精歷來被用於任何情, 心理和精神狀態的平衡和協調,這些混合物已專門制定處理大和小動物的問題. 治療 是容易處理及非常安全, 比賽也可用及不會 與任何其他協議有衝突. 這些混合物問題定”不是動物定.

Mellow Out - 變得和藹 混合花精幫助平息緊張 的動物,動物有的時間可能是喜怒無常或急躁. 對於過度焦慮的動物往往容易失去控制可以在比塞前用, 用於雷雨大風或煙花匯演的 時後每家也要有!

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