Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cris-Ease helped this aggressive dog, 緩解危機幫了這隻狗

"Cris Ease - 緩解危機 - 俄亥俄雅典的犬隻收容所的另一個成功的故事 ... Buster 是一隻黑色混種拉貝拉多犬, 他被主人捨棄因為主人“怕他會咬男性朋友”. 咆哮著及非常害怕他的狗寵. 再次,我又再–次要用 Cris Ease - 緩解危機 , 加入他的水.  第二天,他多一點信任我及終於來到籠門口當我坐下籠門旁.  那一天我再加精華到水, 第三天我能戴上狗帶和他出外,  最後再加 Cris Ease - 緩解危機 一天, 然後我們成為好朋友. 我們能夠證明他與每個人和其他狗都可相處, 及最後他是能去了一個美好的家園!謝謝"

"Another success story with Cris-Ease and the shelter dogs in Athens County, Ohio...Buster was a black Lab mix surrendered by his owner because she was "afraid he was going to bite her male visitor." He was growling and afraid in the back of his kennel. Once again I turned to Cris-Ease and put it in his water.  The next day he was a bit more trusting a finally came to the kennel door where I sat. More essences in the water that day and on the third day I was able to put a leash on him and take him outside. I did it one more day and then we were pals. We were able to show that he was fine with everyone and other dogs and he was able to be adopted into a wonderful home!  Thanks!"

By Jenny Lance from Facebook

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