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Why feed pig ear to your dog? 為什麼餵豬耳?

有時我們也自己吃豬耳仔,有時我地買比我們的狗吃。你知道餵豬耳朵的好處嗎? 。軟骨素 (Chondroitin ),它使軟骨更具彈性,响豬耳朵都找到。有些軟骨素補充劑的軟骨素是從豬的耳朵軟骨做的

- 這是高蛋白質
- 含有維生素B的量好
- 它
- 這是高鐵
- 這也是便宜(

第1步 - 洗淨!!修剪
第2步 - 切成 "咬" Size。如果你的
狗,你可能不用。為我的小狗,我將切成豬耳4至5件。3 - 用水中煮10分鐘, 直致熟
第4步 - 拿出來風乾(這可能需要2-3小時

第5步 - 在150度烤 45-60分(直到它是金色的,仍然有彈性



We sometimes eat pig ears ourselves and sometimes we buy it for our dog.  Do you know the benefit of feeding pig ear and do you know how to prepare it. Chondroitin which makes cartilage more elastic is found in pig ears.  Do you know Chondroitin in some supplements are made of cartilage from pig ears?

Pig ears are fat so when you prepare it, you might want to trim the fat before you begin.
- It is high in protein
- It contains good amount of vitamin B
- It has calcium
- It is high in iron
- It is also inexpensive (HK$5 a pair at Wellcome)

Since pig ears you buy it the pet store might be unclean or has a lot of chemical preservative, I cook it myself as follow:
Step 1 - Wash it!!! Trim the hair!!!
Step 2 - Cut it into chew sizes for your dog.  If your dog is big, you might not have to cut it.  For my small dog, I cut it into 4 to 5 pieces. 
Step 3 - Boil them in hot water for  10 min until cook
Step 4 - Take it out and let it dry (it might take 2-3 hours)
(My dogs also love pig ears at this stage without roasting)
Step 5 - Cook it in the oven for 30 min at 150C (until it is golden and still flexible)
It is ready!  Put those you do not use in the next 2 days in the freezer.  It is a good chew toy!  Since it does not have any preservative, throw out the unfinished part.

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