Friday, April 13, 2012

Giving water / 24小時都供水?

你們都有聽過,我們需要提供24小時可飲的水給狗。但你有沒有想過他們本來是如何生活? 他們居住的地方,並沒有24小時水供應他們想飲水的時候, 他們需要去尋水及找水孔。一個自由漫遊的狗會先食然後才找水,而不是在同一時間飲酒 



這是因為1) 水會破壞酸鹼平衡,因為水會沖淡胃氨基酸,影響蛋白質的消化。此外,2) 在同一時間飲吃,水會
礦物質, 沒有用來通過身體傳遞的礦物質。

**如果你的狗有身體問題應先諮詢您的獸醫 .

We have heard that we need to provide water at ALL TIME for our canine friends.  But have you thought about how they lived in the past?   Dogs probably did not have access to water where they live and at all time.  They would have to go find water hole when they needed to drink.  A free to roam pet will eat and then look for water instead of drinking and eating at the same time.

Yes, in modern day, you should leave water out for your dog 24/7 but maybe consider to remove water during this time:

- 20 to 30 min before meal time
- 40 to 60 min after meal time

It is because water can 1) upset the acid-alkaline balance as water tends to dilute stomach acids that is needed for the digestion of protein.   Also, 2) drinking and eating at the same time, water will wash the minerals away resulted in minerals passing through the body without being used.

**If your dog has medical condition, you should consult your vet first. 

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