Thursday, April 12, 2012

Steadfast Canine / 堅定犬 Feedback

A 12 years old Corgi had not been moving around and moved very slowly for the last year or so, he had stopped coming to the door to greet his family as it took him too long to warm up and get up.  After taking Steadfast Canine for less than 7 days, he started to moved around more. Do you have a dog that has been moving slowly and does not want to go out?  Try Steadfast Canine, an advance and all natural joint supplement.

一隻12去年, 他走動和移動得非常緩慢. 他已沒有再來門口迎接屋企人返棃,因為他需要太長時間熱身才站起來。服用堅定犬不到7天,他開始走動多了.  有冇狗便移動緩慢及想出街堅定, 堅定犬是一隻先進及全天的關節補充品 

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