Sunday, April 29, 2012

PrePro done wonders! 消化寶為狗狗創做奇蹟!

我給我的狗由Equilite產的產品, 佢地主要做馬健原產品. 我從我的全方面獸醫 (holistic vet) 裏買來的. 這產品叫 PrePro 消化寶, 而且一罐非常大, 該罐已持續了近9個月給我兩隻狗. 它已為我的狗創做奇蹟, 當同時轉為食生糧

"I give my dogs a product from Equilite, which is a horse product company. I get it from my holistic vet. It is called PrePro, comes in a huge jar, mine has lasted almost 9 months with two dogs. It has done wonders for both of my dogs, along with switching to raw."

Susan Donnelly

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