Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Moisture Maniac not just for horses; 狗毛 Tonic!

A dog that I recently adopted had a very dry rough long coat, his skin was full of dandruff, and had a strong "doggie" smell (smelled like many dogs in a small room).  We first gave him a bath in Sore No More Massage Shampoo and he smelled a lot better and the coat get softer but due to surgery he could not be bath again even the shampoo can be used often without drying the skin and coat, I decided to spray him with Moisture Maniac every time I groom him.   We both love the smell and it helps his coat to be much more moist and easier to comb through.  Both products are made of all natural ingredients!
剛收養的一隻狗有非常乾燥的粗長的毛,他的皮膚滿是頭皮屑,並有強烈的“狗”臭味(像有許多狗在一個細房)。 首先,我們給他不再痛按摩草本洗髮水洗澡(Sore No More Massage Shampoo), 用文後他臭味無了及毛变得軟些.  但由於要做手術他不能再洗澡, 雖然這隻洗髮水是對皮膚好及不會令皮膚和毛髮乾. 我決定噴灑有機草本水分瘋子 (Moisture Maniac),每次我幫佢梳毛我都會噴。我們都喜歡水分瘋子的自然香味,它有助於他的毛更脂潤,更容易梳理。這兩款產品都是用全天然的原才料製成的!

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