Tuesday, January 3, 2012

World's oldest dog almost made it to 27. 全世界最老的狗差唔多活到27歲

Many of us think 10 years old dogs are old but it does not seem to be the case.  My dog is now 18, he did not show any sign of old age until around March 2011, I am just so bless to have him everyday.  He has taught me so much on how to care for dogs and I am trying everything I can to give him a comfortable and happy life.  有好多人(包抱我)覺得10歲大的狗已經好老.  我最老的狗現在已18歲了, 他沒有任何老
態在到三月2011年.  我每一日都覺得很感謝他的存在! 他教我很多照護狗的知識, 我會盡我所能比佢快樂!

Recently, an article was sent to me from a friend, the oldest dog made to nearly 27 (Dec 2011).  The dog, Pusuke, is from Japan and he was at the age of 26 year sand 9 months when he pass away peacefully. Pusuke is a male Shiba cross breed.  He almost died at age 23 when he was hit by a car and was surprising recovered from it.  He age was roughly equivalent to a human age of 125.  早前有位好朋友給我–編新聞. 這新聞是關於一隻差不多27歲老狗的安詳逝世的消息.  這狗叫 Pusuke 是一隻混種柴犬, 佢的年歲是26零9個月.  當他23歲的時侯差点因為一交通意外送命但他驚人的生命力令佢康服.  27歲大約等於人的125歲.

"Guinness World Records lists the oldest reliably recorded dog of all time as "Bluey", an Australian cattle dog, who was put down in 1939 at the age of 29 years and five months. " 健力中世界紀錄將一只1939年29歲安樂死的狗例為吏上最老的狗, 他是一隻牧牛狗.

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