Monday, January 30, 2012

Pet ownership instill responsibilities among children 養寵物灌輸小朋友要有責任

Do you have kids?  If yes, do you want to teach your kids to take ownership and be responsible?  Pet might be an answer for you.   Latest survey by American Pet Products Association (APPA) suggests that owing a pet teaches children responsibility.

Parent can allocate tasks to their kids in helping to care for their pets, this helps to teach them responsibility.  One of the most easy tasks that you can allocate to your kids are ensuring the pets are feed and water every day, giving enough exercise, and having a clean environment to live it.

All these tasks can also help them build a routine and take them away from TV or video games.  Pet can help teaching your kids about responsibility at a very young age.

你屋企有冇小朋支呢?  如果有, 你會唔會想教你啲小朋友責任心呢?  寵物可能可以幫到你.  最新美國民意調查表示58%家長應為寵物可幫你教小朋友責任心. 


這些任務可以幫助他們建立一個常規,並幫他們遠離電視或遊戲機。 寵物可以從小幫助您孩子責任心

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