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Canine / 狗: Patellar luxations (knee cap) 膝關節移位


一般因為骨骼角度不正確及不夠深導致膝蓋骨很容易就脫離位置這會鎖定腿部引致腳 離地.

What is Patellar luxations?
Usually the ridges forming the patellar groove are not prominent, the patella will luxate (jump out of the groove) sideways, especially toward the inside. This causes the leg to 'lock up' with the foot held off the ground.  

  • 跑的時後會有時跳
  • 不願行動
  • Skip while running
  • Unwilling to move

What breeds are affected? 一般受影響的狗
Miniature dog breeds are genetically more likely to have Patellar luxations.  These miniature breeds are:
小型犬種的基因比較更容易出現 膝關節移位。這些小型的品種有
- Yorkshire Terrier 約克爹利狗
- Pomeranian 松鼠狗
- Pekingese  北京狗
- Chihuahua 吉娃娃狗
- Boston Terrier 波士頓爹利狗
- Cavalier King Charles spaniels 查理斯王騎士狗
- Toy Poodles 玩具貴富

Also note that female dogs are 1 1/2 times more likely to acquire the condition.

Prevention and What to do?

Since it is in the gene, it is very hard to prevent but you can help with the followings:
  • Weight controls, overweight dogs will put more pressure on knee
  • Exercise your dog appropriate to help build muscle to support the joint
  • If you have dogs with this issues, please do not breed them
  • Trimming toenails to prevent any snagging that could cause trauma to the knee
  • Feeding dog with glucosamine and chondrotin supplement to help provide some extra relief to the dog’s knees and to help slow the acceleration of arthritis (see other ways to help relieve Canine - Arthritis and Joint Supplement / 關節補充品)
  • Feeding omega-3 such as Coat Plus to help reduce inflammation. 
  • Surgery is the only option that will fix it for a long term.  Speak to your vet to find out the grade of the knees.


  • 控制重量,超重的狗將會令膝蓋有更大的壓力 
  • 給你的狗適當運動去幫助建立肌肉以支持關節  
  • 如果你的愛犬有此問題請不要讓他們生育 
  • 修剪趾甲,以防止任何可能導致膝關節創傷
  • 葡萄糖安和軟骨素補充品,以幫助提供一些額外的膝蓋問歇,並有助於減緩關節炎的加速度(見其他方法來幫助減輕犬 - 關節炎Canine - Arthritis and Joint Supplement / 關節補充品
  • 飼餵 歐米加-3, 如美毛+, 助於減輕炎症
  • 如果手術是唯一的選擇, 跟你獸醫了解膝蓋的級別 (grade). 

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