Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year Resolutions for the environment; 2012年目標及大計幫幫地球!

Welcome to 2012.  It is the time of the year that we come up with resolutions.  Have you thought about having a resolution that helps the environment.  I think you should have at least one resolutions for the environment.  It can be easily done, it can be either turning off the light when you leave the room or unplug the wire from the wall when your iphone is not being used.  And, do not buy the new phone that you do not need until 2013 or later.  It can be easily done and with enough of us doing it, it can help the environment a great deal!

又係新一年的開始! 而又是定下2012年目標及大計的時後。有冇想過今年的計劃包括一些對們環境有關的大計.
我建議大家都最少加一個有們環境的大計. 計劃可以好簡單.  何如可以係 "關閉所有燈當你離開房間或不使用時",又或 "當你的电話唔洗 Charge 的時後從牆上拔下電線"。及今年唔好買你唔需要的新电話直至2013或再遲D.  這些都可以很容易做到及都可以幫助我地的環境

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