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Home Urine Test - protein & PH / 簡易驗尿 - 蛋白質 及 PH

You senior dog should have his/her urine tested once in a while (at least once a year). During the year, you can also do some inexpensive home test for your dog.  Go to your neighborhood drug store to get a urine paper test for people. I recently ought one for about HK$58 with 50 tests.

As the value change over during the day, test your dog’s urine at the same time each day to determine her “normal” value.  The best time to do this is first thing in the morning, before she eats.  Urine should be tested before it hits the ground.


每天在同一時間測試您的狗的尿液, 以確定 "正常" 值.  最佳時間早晨第一件事進食之及尿液擊中地面之前應測試尿液

Protein Test

The most beneficial information from the test is the protein content in the urine. A healthy dog should have little in his/her urine. 

The first morning pee is the best for testing.


從測試中最有用的信息是在尿液中的蛋白質含量. 一隻健康的狗的尿是應該只有少量 的蛋白質.  

用早上第一次的小便來驗是最好的. 析尿液樣本可揭示蛋白質洩漏,  原因可能是腎臟末能留住蛋白質或受感染.

PH value

Urinary tract infections that cause struvite crystals to become uroliths can raise urinary pH to 8.0 or 8.5. Contact your vet if your dog’s urinary pH jumps from acid to alkaline.  Most healthy dogs have a neutral to slightly acid urinary pH between 5.5 and 7.0.

尿道感染引起石晶體變成結石可提高尿pH值至8.08.5. 如果您的狗的尿pH跳躍到鹼性,  聯絡獸醫最健康的狗的尿液5.57.0之間的中性至微酸性pH

Use this information as warning and for keeping track of your dog's health.

Here is a link that further explains the test:

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