Monday, January 30, 2012

Adopted then abandoned again 收養又再遺棄

Over the CNY holiday, heard a story from an dog rescue organization (Hong Kong Dog Rescue) about 2 dogs that were adopted but then was abandoned again.  Luckily for the dogs, the rescue organization was able to locate them and save them one more time.

農曆年期間聽到一個消息關於2隻收養咗啲狗又比人遺棄.  幸遇地 HKDR 能夠找到他們而再救他們一次

People really are selfish and do not understand the responsibility of taking on animal that depends on us  taking care of them.  And, these responsibilities last for a long term and require a lot of resources (time and love).

人心真的很自私.  這些收養了動物的人基本不明白佢地對這些動物動責任.  這些責任係長時間們而需要很多資原 (時間 及 愛心)

Taking on an animal should not be done on impulse, a plan is required.  Different breeds (large and small) have different needs, you will need to walk (or run with) your dog from 30 min to 1 hour depends on the breeds.  Some breeds work better with kids and some don't, some can live in city and apartment but some needs to live in the field.  Then there is grooming and medical needs also..... many more.

決定動物不應該衝動動物必需一個計劃 大型和小型犬不同品種的犬隻有不同的需求,您將需要帶佢地行亍(或跑步有些品種與可以與孩子雙處有些不能,有的可以生活在城市和公寓,但有些需要在大瑰地再有就是梳洗和醫療需求......

For dog lovers, taking care of their dogs are a very rewarding experience as dogs would give back unconditionally.


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