Saturday, December 10, 2011

Canine: Medication / 藥物

by Senior Dog Care / 老犬心得

It is important to watch the medications that you are giving to your pet at all time especially for your senior friends. As your best friends get older, chronic renal failure can be developed without any warning signs and acute failures can develop within hours/ days.

所有寵物主人都應該明白多一些關於你供給寵物的藥物的資籽.  當你的寵物慢慢年長, 他們很多鄱會在沒有任何警示下有慢性腎功能衰竭或沒有任何警示下有急性腎功能衰竭。

Medications / 藥物
I have heard many stories of people losing their best friends after taking prescribed/ non-prescribed pain killer or anti-biotic.  All pet owners should know that as your dog get older, the medication that has worked before does not necessary mean it will continue to work.  Therefore, I sincerely hope you take the following precautions before giving your dog any medications


At home / 在家
  • Pay attention to how much water you dog is drinking.  Measure how much water is taken from time to time.  Make sure you know what is normal for your dog
  • If you see any adverse effects after taken the medication (ex: inaction, throw up, loss of appetites, and stop drinking water, etc), stop the medication right away and call your vet.
  • Your dog’s diet would be crucial also.  If diet is changed along with the medication, you also need to monitor if your dog has reaction to this new diet. (we will have more Note on Diet)
  • 注意你的狗喝多少水。要知道你的狗喝多,確保你知道什麼是正常的,
  • 如果採用任可藥物文後, 你看到任何不良影響 (例: 很靜,嘔吐,胃口差,並停止飲水等),馬上停止用藥,並跟您的獸醫聯絡。
  • 飲食也將是重要的。如果是飲食改變也月昕服藥,你還需要監測你的狗對新的飲食反應。 (我們將會有更多的注意飲食)

At your Vet / 獸醫
  • Always try to go to a vet who knows your dog’s medical history.
  • Keep good record of your dog’s medical history and bring to your vet.
  • If it is not possible to go to the same vet, remind your Vet about the extent of any renal issues that your dog might have.  And, before your vet prescribed any medications, make sure your Vet takes into account of your dog’s past history and age.
  • Taken periodical test to understand you know how the internal organs are functioning.  These tests could include blood test and urine and stool test.  These tests would allow you to take action before it is too late.

  • 盡量去一個知道你的狗的病史的獸醫  。
  • 好好保留好您的狗的 病歷 記錄,並帶給您的獸醫。
  • 如果不可能去相同的獸醫, 你雩提醒獸醫您的狗     的健康記錄。您的獸醫處方任何藥物 之前  ,確保  考慮到您的狗的過去的病歷和年齡 。

Always trust your instinct and if you notice anything that is not right, act on it.

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