Saturday, December 17, 2011

Canine: Give him a home ; 給他一個家

You have heard a lot of animal abuse stories especially when you are in love with them (you care!).   In Hong Kong, space is limited and a lot of the people live in small apartment complex that do not allow dogs.  But residents in these apartments continue to be lured by the cute puppies at pet shops and without thinking it over or planning, they took puppies homes.  And we all know what happen next ...(sadly)

你聽說過很多虐待動物的故事,尤其當你在乎他們(You Care!)。 在香港,空間有限, 很多的人住在小公寓大樓,不允許狗,但住戶繼續被寵物店可愛的小狗引誘,不思前想或規劃就把小狗帶回家。我相信大家都知道往後發展 ... ...

Here is a very nice dog.  His name is Monty and he was born in Jul 2010.  A male Labrador (Neutered) in Chocolate color. For more information go to


Before you take a puppy home, make sure you understand the nature of the breed!

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